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Simple, hardwearing range of clothes made from super-strong cotton canvas with reinforced panels. Made for hunting ground maintenance and other situations where durability is crucial.

Just durability.  


Creating food plots and sanctuaries and generally maintaining your hunting grounds is certainly beneficial for wildlife. It is a hard job that needs to be done. It requires of you to make an effort. There are no real formalities or traditions – it is simply hard work. And it pays off.

Just durability.


A range of honest, simple and to the core hardwearing hunting clothes. It is designed in sturdy cotton canvas without those unnecessary zippers and other details most likely to be damaged. 

Don't worry about your clothes. Just get the job done.

Lumberjack shirts

A wide selection.

When working on your hunting grounds, surely, you need a proper lumberjack shirt.

Hardwearing for your hunting grounds.

Good maintenance pays off because of the direct correspondence between maintaining your grounds and enjoying the wildlife.